Our packages of care


Our expert team have created packages combining their experience with advances in technology.Special focus is made on early detection of complications.

Comprehensive Biochemical and Pathological tests

Over 100 Tests and consisting of fundamental tests for screening of the health status like Arthritis, Cardiac Risk Markers, Complete Hemogram,Diabetics, Iron, Lipid, Liver, Kidney, Thyroid, Vitamin, Pancreatic, Electrolytes, Hormone, Toxic Elements.

Carotid Intima-Media and Plaque Study

Carotid intima–media thickness and plaque information can aid prediction of coronary heart disease and stroke risk when added to traditional risk factors. Our latest single crystal transducer with 3T technology enables us to now obtain better penetration and higher resolution. Done regularly every two years, the test enables the doctor to assess adequacy of treatment and progression or regression of arterial thickening. The test is safe and painless and involves no radiation as it is done with an ultrasound machine.


Diabetes can affect your eyes in a number of ways. The most serious eye condition related to diabetes is diabetic retinopathy. Early diagnosis is vital.

Fundus Photograph - Fundus photography is used to inspect anomalies associated to diseases that affect the eye and to monitor the progression of the disease. It is vital for disease processes such as macular degeneration, retinal neoplasms, choroid disturbances and diabetic retinopathy.


Diabetes can reduce the blood supply to your feet and cause a loss of feeling known as peripheral neuropathy. This can mean foot injuries don't heal well and you may not notice if your foot is sore or injured.

Quantitative vibrametry and lower limb doppler - Establishing nerve damage and arterial insufficiency are key assessments. The JP Diabetes Centre is the first clinic to include quantitative vibrametry ,foot pad and lower limb arterial doppler in the most comprehensive evaluation of foot. Your results can now be measured and improvement and deterioration followed quantitatively every year.

abdomen and pelvis

Ultrasound abdomen and pelvis We evaluate fatty liver changes,renal parenchymal changes,renal calculi,prostatomegaly.

Dental check up

Diabetes is associated with increased severity of periodontal disease.Regular oral check up with good oral care helps in prevention and early detection of periodontal disease.