Medication for type 2 diabetes

Personalised treatment of your type 2 diabetes

For many people, diet and exercise can help put type 2 diabetes into remission. However, medication may be needed to keep glucose levels down and help you stay healthy. Modern diabetes medication assists weight loss as well as heart and kidney complications. The expert diabetologists at The Dr.JP Kotla Medical Centre have access to the latest medications to provide customised care, targeted to your personal needs, health, and lifestyle.

There are many diabetes medications available, and new innovative treatments are continually being developed. Some of them include excluding the duodenum from food contact, but many are powerful treatments for blood glucose elevation without causing low glucose side effects and many are powerful weight loss agents which also have benefits for heart and kidney complications.

The Dr.JP Kotla Medical Centre is at the cutting-edge of modern diabetes care. The diabetologists can prescribe the medication, or combination of treatments, that best suits your personal needs, circumstances and preferences. All the drugs are available in our Pharmacy.